Reading Powerchair FC was established in 2010 by Lee and Laura Ison with their son Josh. In the years since 2010 we have been playing in the WFA National League at Nottingham Trent University. More recently Regional Leagues have been set up, which we have started to play in. 

We participate in the South East Regional League. Over the years we have welcomed many new players to the club, but we also lost our founding member Josh Ison, who sadly passed away.

We are also looking to welcome new players into the club as we want to keep growing. 


We were crowned Champions of the South East Regional League 3rd Division. After a great unbeaten season in the league we were promoted to the second division. The team played extremely well and they showed they can play against better teams in a harder division. This season we hope to challenge for the 2nd Division title and to improve as a team. Thankyou to all the parents, carers, committee members and players for making last season a season to remember.