Our Story

Reading Powerchair FC was established in 2010 by Lee and Laura Ison with their son Josh. In the years since 2010 we have been playing in the WFA National League at Nottingham Trent University. More recently Regional Leagues have been set up, which we have started to play in. 

We participate in the South East Regional League at Surrey Sports Park. Over the years we have welcomed many new players to the club, but we also lost our founding member Josh Ison, who sadly passed away.


We are also looking to welcome new players into the club as we want to keep growing. 

If anyone is interested in joining this friendly, welcoming club then please feel free to contact Lee or Laura Ison at  l.ison1@sky.com

Many wheelchair users never have the opportunity to play a team sport. Through no fault of their own they can miss out on many joys and life lessons that can be obtained through these sporting activities and the opportunities it can create in developing lifelong friendships, building self-confidence, their communication skills and chance to work alongside others as part of a team. It allows a sense of belonging to a community. Sadly, many powerchair wheelchair users miss out on this important aspect of human development, which for many of us has shaped our identity and provided us with the tools to be successful in life.

Powerchair football is played by the physically disabled in electrically powered wheelchairs that have been specifically adapted to handle the demands of playing a fast and skilful game that to a great extent mirrors all the aspects of normal football. The game is played indoors, with teams comprising of 4 players (3 outfield and a goal keeper). They use a slighter larger football that is hit by a bumper which has been fixed to the front of the wheelchair. It is a non-contact sport (as safety is paramount) but still allows the individual to show off their dribbling, passing and scoring skills, and at the same time enjoying the delights of being part of a team environment that their disability might over wise prevent them from experiencing.

Reading Powerchair FC is a competitive but friendly Powerchair football club currently comprising of nine players (both sexes, ages 14-30), who compete in the South East Regional League that is organised on behalf of the Wheelchair Football Association.

Powerchair football has teams based all over the Country and you can also play in National Leagues and (if your team is good enough) against the best teams in Europe. There is even a World Cup; which this year is taking place in Florida, USA during July.

Reading Powerchair FC was started in 2010 by Lee & Laura Ison to promote powerchair football in the Reading area and to provide an avenue for their son to play football (a sport he loved) and for others to experience the things I described above. So far, he is the only player from the Reading are, the rest of us travel from all over, reflecting the passion and pride we all share in our club and our desire to make it a success.

Over the years we have welcomed many news faces into the club and we are always looking for new players. We hold an annual summer tournament at the Rivermead Leisure Centre, which is a great way to come along and see what the sport is about and to meet lots of people. This year, it is being held on the 25TH June between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm. We train on alternative Sundays at the Lodden Valley Leisure Centre.

So, if you know of anyone that uses a powered wheelchair and loves football, tell them about Reading PFC or took us up on Facebook. We are also looking for sponsors, so if you want to get involved in supporting a great team or just want to try the sport please give us a call.